Schedule and Fees


If you are willing to hire Julius Solaris for your event, this page will give you an overview of key information. 

Keynote Speaker

Julius participates at events exclusively as the Keynote speaker. His sessions are usually the most attended and consistently get the highest feedback from attendees. His sessions have a strong social media impact with attendees sharing content actively.

While Julius is always willing to work with event planners to find the best way to collaborate on events, exposure or contra deals are not accepted. You can learn more about Julius’ fees by getting in touch here.

Event Innovation Lab™

The Event Innovation Lab™ is the latest product Julius offers to corporate event professionals willing to foster change and innovation in their practices and team. The training happens over 4 to 6 hours and has very limited availability. Get in touch to learn more.



The calendar fills up 6 months in advance and Julius speaks at 5 to 8 events per year. So make sure to plan in advance.

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