10 Things Linkedin Needs to Change Now

I am very demanding when it gets to Linkedin. I have been using it since 2006. I know what I am talking about.

Through the years I have benefited from Linkedin networking. I also landed a job with it. I think about myself as a heavy user. I am sold on it, it works.

It doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be better, much better.

Here are ten things Linkedin should have changed in 2007 but it is still tiring us with:

10. Answers

Some new level of rating is needed. Some people are replying to hideous questions just to get an extra best answer. They become experts by having replied to questions such as this one.

Please Linkedin: Rethink the section!

9. Spam

I own a group of 16K people. We moderate it lightly with 3 more peeps. We are increasingly getting coordinated attacks of people with fake profiles posting links to Viagra related products.

Please Linkedin: Get better spam filters/rules.

8. Non Existent Support

As per the above we filed tons of requests. In some instances we did not even get an answer, most of the time we just got acknowledgement but no action followed.

Please Linkedin: Hire a community manager.

7. Nonsense Premium Services

Unless you are a recruiter, there is no real reason to pay for premium. Period.

Please Linkedin: Introduce new functionalities.

6. Profiles

I get the fact Linkedin is supposedly your online CV, blah blah blah. Very little has been done to improve the way a profile looks. It’s a mess of information and you need to scroll for hours to get a grasp of what someone is about.

Please Linkedin: Hire a UX expert.

5. Flawed Applications

The platform sucks at talking to other services. It’s a buggy, frustrating experience. I tried to change my Blog Link for over an hour of my time yesterday with no success. Since I used to charge £40 an hour when I was a consultant, you owe me big bucks Reid Hoffman.

Please Linkedin: Get rid of or fix them!

4. Removing Connections

I think it takes less time to code a large project in C++ than removing someone you hate from your network.

At some stage I was expecting to sign a form and fax it back to Reid, with a copy of my passport.

Please Linkedin: Learn from Facebook. It is so easy to satisfy your emotional rollercoaster and get rid of people you don’t like anymore.

3. Inbox

I can’t think of anything messier. Well probably the #hastags chats over Twitter are, but hey no blame on Twitter for that. My Linkedin Inbox has 637 unread messages. I have struggled to find them. I went through the 200+ pages of Inbox to find them, no sign of them.

I have to mark read items twice, I get a flag which I don’t know what it means but sometimes disappear. Lotus Notes in 1989 was a much better experience and I wasn’t even 15 by then.
Please Linkedin: Learn from Gmail.

2. Status Update

One good thing LI did was to add status updates and sync with Twitter. The current way of visualizing your network status updates sucks. And that is an euphemism.

Please Linkedin: Learn from Facebook and enable @’s

1. People Who Viewed My Profile

This one upsets me as much as being Italian with the current government. 
“Someone in the Business Administration function from North Carolina has viewed your profile”. Come on, seriously! Who are you trying to fool here. What is it a Cluedo game? I am not a private investigator. Why do other services tell me Name, Surname, Where did they come from, sometimes even the external referrer link.
I remember asking support about this. They told me it is against the T&Cs. Please Linkedin: Change them, now!
Author: Guest

Given all the new updates LinkedIn has done in the past couple of months, how well do you think they have addressed the above issues?

Author: Julius Solaris

Extremely well. I am amazed to see changes we’ve been waiting for a while now


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