10 tips to master the “new” Linkedin

Don’t know if you noticed, but Linkedin has changed a lot lately. Here is a guide on how to master the new Linkedin features. Popular posts on the topic are now outdated (mine as well). The new changes were most of the time widely adopted, but are you making the most of them?

10. Group Discussion not Q&A

After Linkedin introduced discussions within Groups, Q&A are redundant. Group Discussions are more specific and targeted to your interests. You can see threaded conversations and, if you are lucky enough, you get some moderation from the group manager. Linkedin Groups

9. Share your trip details

An interesting application is My Travel from  Tripit. One of the best uses of Linkedin is to find connections when you are travelling. I heard great stories of people setting up successful business meetings just by asking in the Q&A section. My Travel brings the concept further and displays your network where you are and where you will be. My Travel

8. Ask for opinions

The Linkedin Poll application achieves the simple task of asking for opinions.

Polls have been there forever in online communities, it was right about time to have that functionality in LinkedIn. LinkedIn Polls

7. Update your profile, twitter style

The “Update” section is becoming key to Linkedin. Hopefully they will develop this feature even further with better search tools. This section is a very powerful tool as it gives premium information such as “This person is hiring” or “Looking for a business partner”. Keep an eye on this one.

6. Promote and attend Events

The recently introduced Events section helps in finding relevant events in your area. If you are organizing both, formal or informal gatherings, this is also a great opportunity to promote. Linkedin Events

5. Be informed with the News section

I actually really like this section, it gives you the chance to see relevant information, again according to your Group belonging. This feature used to be reserved to companies, welcomed opening.

4. Blog to the top

If you don’t have a blog, you should get one soon. Once you do have one, I strongly suggest you integrate either with the Blog Link or WordPress app, the latter being my favourite. WordPress Blog Link

3.Unleash your presentations

My beloved Slideshare.net released an application to show your slides in your profile. Out of all the apps, this is the most relevant as it really serves the purpose of networking. Presentations are indeed the most accepted form of business communication, a great match. Slideshare Presentations

2. Collaborate

Huddle is a great service for online collaboration and sharing. This is a great application which enables teamwork, really like the 1GB shared space. Huddle Workspaces

1. Perform a better search

Linkedin focused on delivering an improved search experience. Make sure you check below for few tips on how to perform better searches. 5 Tips on How to Search LinkedIn Like a Pro

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