5 Reasons Why I ditched Posterous for WordPress

It’s good to be back. No secret this blog is my playground. I love to try stuff. I tried Posterous and I guess that’s it!

Why did I switch back?


Well I talked last week about the Studiopress Genesis Framework. It is neat and easy to set up. I loved it so much that I decided to extend the goodness to my personal blog as well.

Nice but not Comprehensive

Well Posterous seems easier than it actually is. Don’t get me wrong, send email to post works well (although that is a core functionality of WordPress) but being a geek I almost immediately wanted to start to do more, try stuff, look at data, clicks and so forth.


I noted that my page use to load forever on posterous. I run a test and it came out that my Genesis powered website took half the time to load. Since Google is increasingly looking at speed for determining SEO ranking, I thought it was a wise move. I also achieved that through the use of a great plugin to load images faster.


I guess I loved the idea to shout thoughts straight from my iPhone without bothering about style. Nonetheless, I guess the best tool to do that is Twitter. 250 characters is not enough to be a good post and it is definitely a lousy tweet. Therefore 140 characters are the way to go!


Integration with Facebook on WordPress is definitely advanced. Mostly thanks to this Facebook integration plugin for Likes and Recommendations.The widget suggesting what is currently shared is amazing and it stimulates curiosity and serendipity.

Photo Credit: Sico

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