6 Cool Things I Did Last Month

Last month has been pretty hectic and I wanted to share some of the most interesting stuff I have been up to:

.Net Magazine released an article about boosting your career with social media. I was happy to be quoted. I also noted how fast numbers are changing. In the interview (which I released two months ago) my network was of 9500 people and the Events Group I manage on LinkedIn had 5300 member. My network is almost 11K people now (I closed it for connection browsing, no worries) and the group now counts 7700 members.

– I was invited by John Welsh, who is an inspiring leader and talented blogger, to participate in a seminar greatly put together by the equally talented, Rob Eslin at UBM. I was expecting an informal chat with 10 people, but the room was packed with more than 30 top class Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Editors and Media people. I presented about managing Online Communities and I definitely had a blast.

– I live tweeted from the Financial Times Digital Media and Broadcasting Conference, where I learned the importance of Micropayments

– I unofficially put together Social Coup, a virtual agency made of outstanding, talented individuals committed in bringing online and offline together. The first person we worked with was Jackson Bond from the really cool Xing.

– I was selected to live tweet from the Kiss the Cup VIP event, sponsored by Sony Ericsson, and be the twitter Journalist for the night. I will be updating from the party the evening (GMT) of the 1st of April (no joke).

– Together with a team of talented individuals we put together Aperitweat, an Aperitivo with our twitter pals. Well, it’s a bit more than that since more than 140 people RSVP’d in a week on different platforms and there are 3 weeks to go. Power of Italian food I guess, or twitter, or the people organizing it, or all of the above.

I guess that is enough for my ego, but aren’t personal blogs just made for that?

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