65+ killer resources to become a Networking Idol

Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter great networking tools. Sure, but do you know how to network? Is it worth spending hours of our precious time for something we are not actually sure how to do? Can you actually convert that in career advancement, new or repeated business? Let’s find some answers and remember, if you like what you read, to save this post on Delicious and to share it on StumbleUpon:


1. Networking in a nutshell A collection of LinkedIn expert networkers on how to tackle networking.

2. 25 Absolute Essentials for Networking Success Great post summarizing what’s involved.

3. Top Ten Amazing Tips for Effective Networking Enjoyable mention on how to sharpen your elevator pitch.

4. The 10 Secrets of a Master Networker Comprehensive approach to networking and terrific tips.

5. Be The Guy Who Wears A Name Tag Everywhere I am really enthusiastic about this post, it really helps in setting realistic objectives.

Offline Networking

6. Five Things to Do at a Social Networking Meetup Chris Brogan is the guy to follow, he attends hundreds of events and has bulletproof advice

7. Be Sexier in Person Another interesting take again from Chris Brogan

8. Conference Networking Tips: Make Yourself Useful According to About.com style the article goes to basics, which is good to review.

9. Guide to Preparing for Networking Events Same author as above but more in depth approach.

10. The Art of Schmoozing II Guy Kawasaki knows what he is talking about, complete trust.


11. 10 tips to master the “new” Linkedin Some tips I previously posted on this blog.

12. LinkedIn Profile Extreme Makeover A masterpiece for all LinkedIn users, again from Guy Kawasaki

13. Are You Leveraging The Power of LinkedIn? Jason Alba is my favorite author on LinkedIn, great read.

14. How to Create And Respond To LinkedIn Introductions Introductions are the most undervalued yet powerful networking weapon on LinkedIn

15. Get LinkedIn or be left out The importance of having a good balance of quality and quantity is key to success on LinkedIn.


16. Kevin Rose: 10 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers Kevin Rose, inventor of Digg, share terrific tips on how to build your network on twitter.

17. How To Get Unfollowed On Twitter Getting followers is key, but keeping them is even more important.

18. Mr. Tweet – your personal networking assistant.

19. Top Twitter Tools to Check Out in 2009 Interesting collection of tools.

20. Twitter: “Go Human” or Go Home The way you use twitter defines success potential, that applies from the very beginning.


21. 30+ Apps for doing business on Facebook Great collection to give you an idea that Facebook is not only there for family and friends.

22. Build a Facebook Profile You Can Be Proud Of Your profile talks for you, that applies to all of the above and especially to Facebook.

23. Save Face on Facebook: Facebook Etiquette Learning do’s and dont’s is fundamental to make your way into the community.

24. The Facebook Commandments Another interesting take on Facebook Etiquette

25. 10 Reasons To Use Facebook for Business Mari Smith has built a remarkable personal brand using Facebook, lessons for all of us.


26. LinkedIn Browser Toolbar I especially love the Job Insider feature which connects you with people hiring.

27. TweetDeck It is said to be the best twitter software thanks to grouping and searching capabilities

28. Digsby Digsby puts IM, email, Linkedin, twitter and Facebook together, that is worth a mention.

29. StumbleUpon Toolbar Stumbleupon is a powerfool bookmarking service but also a great networking tool.

30. Flock Flock is a variant of Firefox with a social flare. It integrates amazingly with all of the above.


31. Dumb Little Man Definitely a point of reference for all of us.

32. I’m on Linkedin now what? The blog from the aforementioned Jason Alba.

33. Chris Brogan Immediately subscribe to this blog.

34. TwiTip Problogger’s author new venture. Usually whatever he touches becomes a success.

35. Mashable Your Web 2.0 guide on software and new platforms.

Books (via Amazon)

36. I’m on LinkedIn–Now What??? (Second Edition)

37. Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time

38. Brilliant Networking: What the Best Networkers Know, Say and Do


40. Networking: A Beginner’s Guide, Fourth Edition

Free eBooks

41. Smart Networking

42. The Ins-and-Outs of Social Networking

43. LinkedIn Lessons

44. Personal Branding for the Business Professional

45. The 10 Mistakes We Make at Networking Events and How to Avoid Them


46. We’re Connected, Now What? Turning Real Life Behaviors Into Social Features

47. Introduction to Social Psychology

48. Power Up Your Professional Learning Network

49. 7 Ways To Generate Business With Linked In

50. Social Networking Beyond LinkedIn


51. What is Linkedin? Part I


52. What is Linkedin? Part II


53. What is twitter?



54. Social Networking in plain English



55. Ecademy



Free Podcasts

56. TPN: The Connections Show

57. TheSocialNetworker

58. Business Networking Podcast

59. Social Networking Insight Podcast

60. Venture Voice: Reid Hoffman of Linkedin

Free iPhone Apps

61. Facebook

62. TwitterFon

63. LinkedIn

64. Brightkite

65. My Space Mobile


There’s obviously more than this, please use the comments section to share your favourites.

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