Conspiracy Theory Segment: Google Buzz Campaign

Disclaimer: You are not going to read a balanced assessment of Google Buzz phenomenon. You won’t get any 10 reasons why Buzz launch was a scam. It’s just a tought, so take it easy. (See you later if you decided to nagivate away)

Theory: Security flaws in Buzz were premeditated.

I know how the echoes of masonry and secret societies come to your mind, but it’s much simpler than that.

Supporting Argument: In order to get traction for a service that is a better version of Facebook, Twitter and Friendfeed, but pretty much alike, Google needed a full throttle campaign.

In the Google boardroom someone on an hammock (I imagine Google’s offices packed with hammocks) must have said: “Hey we got one Gazillion users and they already chat, why don’t we use that?”

Pubbish, Stereotypical Consideration:
With all the bright minds Google has and the marvellous interview questions they ask, you think nobody stood up and said: “There is a slight chance this could violate privacy?”

I don’t buy it.

I think it was a phenomenal campaign to get people to use Buzz. The benefits are now (10M of Buzzes in a week later) laughing at the risks.

They were expecting the privacy outburst and they had a ‘contingency’ plan ready.

2nd Burst of Stereotypes: How can you roll out such significant changes if you haven’t thought about the reaction?

I am still waiting for folders for Gmail! It’s been asked in user groups for ages, tons of greasemonkey scripts flooded my email, yet no change. After 6 years.

You may argue that folders are not as important as privacy, but I’d reply by stressing the fact that changes take time, they don’t happen overnight.

What is my conclusion? If you are still with me, I’d say it was a sneaky campaign by Google. They messed up privacy and have some work to do to repair their damaged brand.

If you felt a company with the profits equal to the GDP of a reasonable sized country, was going to be your guardian angel – what can I say, it’s not the case.

Now that I’ve said it, I feel much better and ready to go back to my commute as well as buzzing – which I love.

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