I’ve Engaged Now What? A Social Advertising Overview

This my featured presentation on Social Advertising at #getsocial11 a social media focussed event that happened in Dublin the 18th of November 2011 organised by @Techspectations an initiative of the Leadership, Innovation and Knowledge Research Centre at Dublin City University.

Here are the notes:

This presentation is aimed at those willing to work with social, small businesses and those willing to get more out of social media.

Strategy is as important as overhyped. Truth is that sometimes you don’t need a detailed plan. By the time you will implement it the scenario could possibly change. I share the thinking of @GuyKawasaki, read more here.

Nonetheless you need to have an engaging approach otherwise the result is opt out, this is an interesting research ExactTarget did on the reasons why we unfollow brands on Social.

At the end of the day with Social Media the end result is what counts.

My social projects always start with a simple question: What’s the Objective? Is your social media objective Traffic, Revenue, Reach or Customer Satisfaction?

I’ve found out that Social Advertising works specially to generate Traffic, Revenue and Growth.

Social Advertising is ideal for those with limited audience, time ad resources.

Your Social Advertising options span from Facebook to LinkedIn covering all social networks.

@eMarketer tells us that in 2012 3.9$B will be spent on Advertising on Social.

3 reasons to choose Social Advertising: it’s Measurable, it’s Accurate, it delivers organic clicks.

Let’s have a look at Twitter Ads. The analytics are quite detailed and cover engagement metrics on top of traditional campaign indications. I love how Twitter allows the advertiser to segment the audience to further target them in ads. It also suggests the most followed accounts by your followers. This is an extremely helpful benchmarking exercise.

In terms of Organic opportunities, this study by Nielsen – although on Facebook – sums up very well the impact of context for organic opportunities as well as increased Awareness, Recall and Purchase Intent.

I’ve calculated that Social Advertising is 12 times cheaper than traditional social campaigns. This obviously depends on the context, budget and market you are operating in.

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