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Julius loves talking about event planning, event technology trends, social media for events and psychology of events. He has been keynote at several events around the world. If you are interested in having Julius talking at your event, please get in touch here.


  • – The Event Planner of the Future. How is the role of event professionals changing?
  • – Event Technology Trends: What platforms and services will shape the event industry for the year
  • – Event Technology Masterclass: An overview of the tools and tactics to implement winning technology programs. No high level, just action..
  • – The Experience. Meeting design and experience design practices to make attendees happy, engaged and satisfied.



Julius crafts each presentation with a team of international designers. 

His presentations are catchy and deliver content effectively with a powerful eye candy. He usually embeds audience response systems in his presentations, from polls to live Q&A. Julius presentation style is witty, humorous, provocative and inspirational. 

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No Spectators, only Participants The audience is always engaged and participates are an active part of each session. The experience is always interactive and educational. Learning goes hand in hand with entertainment. Attendees always feel engaged and stimulated to interact with content rather than passively receive it. 

Each Session Is Unique Julius will help your attendees to achieve their learning objectives. Before every event, Julius dedicates extensive planning in targeting the session to the audience needs. Prep includes going through items such as the audience background, pre-event questionnaires, learning outcomes and the technology available. No session is equal and the event planner feedback is a requirement of each presentation. Get in touch to learn more.

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