Why Hire Julius Solaris as a Speaker?

Julius through EventManagerBlog.com has injected innovation into the event planning industry. Each session has three objectives:

To Stimulate Innovation
To Educate
To Inspire

The balance of these three elements makes every presentation memorable, interactive and highly educational.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider booking Julius for your next event:

  • 1. A Fresh Perspective on Event Technology and Social Media. No clich├ęs, no superficial perspectives, no marketing jargon. Julius is among the pioneering supporters of using social media in events; he’s no self-made social media expert.
  • 2. Highly Entertaining Presentation. You will never experience bullet points, sloppy slides or last minute screengrabs. Each presentation is designed and conceived by a team of professionals.
  • 3. Real Interaction. Asking a question is not interaction. Running horizontal sessions, using audience response systems, polls, and live Twitter walls are some of the proven event technology tools that each presentation features.
  • 4. Sessions Made to Measure. No presentation is the same. Julius will work with you and your team to understand more about the event and the audience objective. The main priority is to keep attendees happy, engaged and inspired.
  • 5. Reach. The EventManagerBlog.com team works together with each event planner to take advantage of extra reach opportunity. Julius leverages his social networks and media influence to support each event he speaks at.