Key Takeaways from Google's Think eCommerce

I attended Google’s Think eCommerce conference and decided to make a small post summing up key takeaways.

The emphasis was on mobile. It was a fil rouge of the event.

Interesting stuff from the talks:

– Best buy hires social media savvy people on all levels of the company to foster engagement. 

– They are integrating Facebook social plugins on their transactional website to allow comments, Likes and recommendations (Levi’s just did the same-but this remark is my copyright)

– They are investing heavily in mobile working hand by hand with Google on customized search results ie find the stores in the first dialog box you get on sponsored results

– Mobile has grown more in the last 18 months than PC has in the past 13 years. 

– Major takeaway was to have separate Google campaigns for mobile as they tend to deliver more ROI (average 5% more) and to give valuable insights on mobile behaviour.


– Get on mobile now
– Integrate Facebook Social Plugins

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