Keywords to Avoid in Linkedin Profiles

– Futurist
– Guru
– Ninja
– Master
– Expert
– Lion (Linkedin Open Networker)
– Open Networker
– MBA, CMP, PMP, BA, MD, etc (it’s so 1978)
– #Connection+ (eg 2000+, 1M+)
– “Accept all invites”
– Your email
– Your telephone number
– Vice president of a two person company (get a better title)

Profile Summary
– I love cats and the like (either you are smart with it or who cares!)

– My Company (put your actual company name)
– My blog (put your blog name instead)

– “I’d like to add you to my professional network on Linkedin” (state reason)

Few of them I’ve done and proved hideous. Some had negative connotation backlash. Some more penalize your SEO. Others are linked to people who constantly send spam and add no value.

As a rule of thumb, what works for you is best. Disregard all of the above if your way works in a qualitative, value oriented fashion.

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