LinkedIn Letters from Hell

LinkedIn has been around for a while now. Despite the great progress of the platform the lameness of some users is still there. You may remember the SEO guy asking for a link on my profile pointing to his website.

Enter the Fan Seeker:

What is the point mate? I simply don’t get it.

First of all I don’t know who this person is. He got in touch through a shared group. Well no worries on that, at the end of the day LinkedIn is meant to explore the new.

I am not asking to target your message to my profile, which would be ideal, but he’s pushing the boundary. Asking me for an action on an another social network is just creepy. Plus LinkedIn launched company pages, which make the request even more inappropriate.

It has to be said that the chap in question appears to be young and inexperienced. However you’d be amazed to know how many such requests I get from ‘seasoned professionals’.

My commitment is to expose them for your enjoyment.

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