LinkedIn Finally Showing More Information About Your Visitors

It was right about time.

I’ve been asking for this for a couple of years now. There was no point in showing the atrocious “Someone in the Advertising Industry from the USA saw your profile” message.

You can finally see who has checked your profile. Curb your enthusiasm though. This is only if the other person allowed it. I remember having an exchange with Linkedin and they mentioned it was against their policy to show others info.

Now you have a handy settings page where you can decide whether to stay stealth mode or go visible. Which I assume it’s fair given the puerile use of social networking of some.

Nice add is also the trends tab where you can see some graphs about visitors over time. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love isobars.

In conclusion, go visible now as there is no point in going stealth, unless you are giving the tool too much importance, a mistake lots of us do.

Obviously you need to be on a pro account to see all the visitors which is finally a good reason to pay for pro.

It’s great LinkedIn is finally listening and I keep praising @mariosundar for that.

Author: Filip Matous

Ooh, improvement. Julius, what are other benefits of going pro?
Author: Julius Solaris

It is. Well no other benefit really, unless you take it up very seriously and spend lots of time strategizing on who’s seen your profile. Anyone who uses LinkedIn heavily knows how to achieve all of the pros features without paying.

I guess it is a shortcut for those in need and for freelancers/consultants who do not have enough time.
Author: David Cutler

Transparency is the new Black!

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