The Rise of Social PPC and Why Outreach is Dead

I don’t like to talk about things I haven’t tried. That is why I’ve waited some time to discuss social PPC or Ads or Promoted Content or Sponsored Links. Whatever you want call them.

In short my experience tells me that Social Pay Per Click (PPC) is a game changer. It provides scalability and reach. These two little bastards (scalability and reach I mean) were quite tough to get in the past.

Having worked on a number of outreach campaigns I can comfortably say that gaining momentum has always been difficult. Moreover, exposing a piece of content to those who matter has never been an easy task, ending up lost in translation most of the times.

On top of that outreach strategies have been extremely costly, a solid foundation against Social Media ROI models.

Social PPC has given value to a Tweet, a Stumble or a Like.

I have worked on campaigns where one tweet was valued at 50£. These costing kills the business and makes an awful reputation to social media practitioners.

On the other hand, smart social networks are giving brands tools to properly reach out. Proper scale is obtained when you can target down to the very interest and in big numbers. The whole influencer bull%^&* will take you nowhere.

What I love about Social PPC is that you can count on outstanding targeting and deliver for the masses. Platforms such as Facebook or StumbleUpon have developed great dashboards to deliver extremely precise campaigns. Such accuracy is something traditional media can only guess, making your social marketing bet much more of a tangible one.

In conclusion I believe that as a social marketer you don’t have to be social, engage or enter any conversation. You just have to know the technology. Social PPC is here to stay and will deliver the most tangible results to those smart enough to understand its potential.

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Author: Luke Szkudlarek

Great post, i really like the concept and looking forward to the technologies that will make social media ppc/marketing more tangible without having to “be social” or wasting time on unnecessary conversations.
Author: Julius Solaris

Thanks Luke 🙂
Author: Social Advertising – A Tangible ROI Model for Social Media | Julius Solaris Blog

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