Studiopress Genesis Framework – Is It worth it?

I was very skeptical about WordPress Premium Themes. I couldn’t see the value in spending 60$ to 400$ for just a theme.

Why should I do that when there are beautiful themes available for free?
Nonetheless I’ve always looked at the development of Premium themes with interest, even more at Frameworks.
Frameworks make it damn easy for the average user with little confidence in coding. We did not have that option back in 2005 when playing with early versions of the almighty blogging platform. They also help in identifying best practices, which is quite an issue with large open source projects.
I recently saw Chris Brogan introducing the Genesis theme for his blog and I decided to give it a go on a blog I own.
Well after spending the money I must say I am definitely impressed. I particularly liked the Genesis Simple Hooks plugin whcih allows neat and clean customization.
I also joined the Affiliates program so here is the affilialte link if you want to check it out StudioPress Genesis Theme Framework.
I feel quite confident with it by now and I edited bits and pieces. If you have any questions about it I can definitely help you.
What is your experience with Genesis and Studiopress?
Author: 5 Reasons Why I ditched Posterous for Wordpress | Julius Solaris Blog

[…] I talked last week about the Studiopress Genesis Framework. It is neat and easy to set up. I loved it so much that I decided to extend the goodness to my […]
Author: Abhishek Prakash

I just tried Thesis 2 and man it sucks. Now I am going to buy Genesis and for your sake, I am gonna use your affiliate link. You can always say thanks any time 😛
Author: Julius Solaris

Good one!

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