The Changing Face of Networking

Few months ago I used to be an open networker. There I said it.

I was deliberately looking for ways to increase my network. That was until I reached 10K direct contacts on Linkedin, when I happily retired from the practice. Truth is I don't even check Linkedin anymore apart from my beloved group of event professionals.

I recently started to use more 3 tools that made my life easier:

When I need hardcore networking (i.e. I am looking for something I don't have from someone I don't know) Xing is the best choice. The Haves and Wants section sums it all for me. I found interesting tools, partners and clients using that.

When I need to keep relationships going I use twitter to communicate in real time. To be completely honest I follow way too many people. I am shrinking the 1000ca 'following' figure sometime soon. Truth is that there is no point in following whoever wants to follow you, unless you really want to. So screw reciprocity on twitter, you have LinkedIn for that.

When I need to network face to face I can target the offering by checking Meetup and if I need to throw myself in a cafe style networking event I run my own.

I have a secret one but send me a DM on twitter if you want to know it!

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