Your Agency Sucks

I told you recently I was about to launch SocialCoup, a network of strong new media and events professionals to attack the status quo of ineffectiveness.

I met along the way Philip Letts, an impressive artist and web innovator and we decided to do it together for blur Group.

In the past month I have been working hard to put together strong new media profiles, talented events professionals and effective developers to finally bring online and offline together.

And blur Marketing was born.

The model is that we have no model. Or at least no boring one.

We work as a crowdsourced initiative. We work as a community to make it short.

I feel comfortable in saying that whatever Social Media Agency that does not act as a community will be ineffective in talking to other communities. If you want to challenge that, bring it on, I am waiting for your comment.

In addition we also rely on the fact that we won’t charge the client for electricity or receptionists. So next time you step in a fancy agency make sure you realize you are actually paying for the fanciness.

For the time being we are focusing on iPhone apps, event planning/amplification and small social media campaigns.

We made a nice little video using kinetic typography (I do walk the walk guys) to explain the process.

The different aspect for other crowdsourced initiatives is that we emphasize on quality. There are tons of freelancers conglomerates out there but how do you make sure you will get a quality output? We are working on being the best in ensuring quality output at substantially lower prices.

I spent hours to catch the most succulent fishes and they feel they want to rock the World as a team now.

We will meet up for a small chat with entrepreneurs, digital crowds and startup owners next week. If you are one of the above, make sure to come over.

We are experiencing the garage project that become mainstream feeling and it is amazing.

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